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Goals and objectives

FIST implements programs that develop innovative and sustainable technologies that improve the living standards of marginalised people in Tajikistan. To achieve these goals, FIST is active in following fields:

The development and implementation of sustainable energy-making technologies such as solar heating, hydroelectric power and greenhouses.

Imparting the knowledge and skills needed for local populations to manage sustainable technologies that improve their standards of living.

The publication of booklets, brochures and articles that disseminate knowledge about innovative technologies.

The organization of courses that train participants on the rational and safe use of innovative technologies in order to prevent man-made environmental disasters (e.g. deforestation, soil erosion, eutrophication).

The organization of seminars that instruct participants on how to mitigate the destructive effects of natural disasters (e.g. earthquake-proof construction; the management of flood banks, etc.)

To support poor, marginalized and low-income families by providing them with access to new life-improving sustainable technologies.


International consultants

Our current team and our partners

Jacek „Wiejski” Górski

President of board of Polish Heritage Foundation.

Expert in the area of marketing of traditional and ecological products. Producer, screenplayer and director of famous polish musical events “Koncert Niepodleglosci” (Polish Independence Concert) and “Projekt Arboretum”

Jamil Shariff

- Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance, (Frankfurt 2015), MSc (UEL 2007). - Successful project manager in rural parts of developing and transition countries. - Accurate financial and technical analysis renewable energy projects and businesses. - Experience working with private sector and non-profit organizations and with multiple donors. - Self-starter, inventive, bilingual, problem solver and author of an Evil Genius series book.

Aleksandra Grabowska-Henschel

Secretary of the Board of the Foundation ''Democratic Society East' based inWarsaw, Poland. Co-author and coordinator of development projects implemented by Polish NGOs dedicated to the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus. From 2007 until 2011 Polish diplomat in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, MA in international relations (CIS countries) and translation studies (Russian language). Interests: medical plants and sustainable agriculture.

Mission of the Organization

The Foundation for Innovative and Sustainable Technologies (FIST) was created to support the Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Technologies (CSIT) in some of their activities. The Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Technologies is a social business with the goal of increasing the number of innovative technologies widely used in Tajikistan. The FIST supports this goal by assisting in fundraising and awareness raising activities as well as networking. The primary donors of the two sister organizations to date has been the Mountain Societies Development Support Program (MSDSP) of Tajikistan, the Aga Khan Foundation of Afghanistan, and the Children’s Hope Foundation of Dubai. Small amounts of funding have also been obtained from consulting works and through the sale of literature to the community.



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  •  36000, st N. Qurbonaseinov 32, Khorog, GBAO, Tajikistan