Goals and objectives

FIST implements programs that develop innovative and sustainable technologies that improve the living standards of marginalised people in Tajikistan.
To achieve these goals, FIST is active in following fields:
—        The development and implementation of sustainable energy-making technologies such as solar heating, hydroelectric power and greenhouses.
—        Imparting the knowledge and skills needed for local populations to manage sustainable technologies that improve their standards of living.
—        Cooperation with the company CSIT (Centre for Sustainable and Innovative Technology), to ensure the most effective and efficient distribution and use of technological resources.
—        The publication of booklets, brochures and articles that disseminate knowledge about innovative technologies.
—        The organisation of courses that train participants on the rational and safe use of innovative technologies in order to prevent man-made environmental disasters (e.g. deforestation, soil erosion, eutrophication).
—        The organisation of seminars that instruct participants on how to mitigate the destructive effects of natural disasters (e.g. earthquake-proof construction; the management of flood banks, etc.)
—       To support poor, marginalised and low-income families by providing them with access to new life-improving sustainable technologies.
—        Organise lotteries, concerts, literature, film-screenings, marathons and other activities that raise environmental awareness and funds to support the implementation of FIST’s programs.
—       Cooperation with international organisations and governmental institutions in order to set up Centres for Small Businesses and manufacturing facilities that create employment opportunities for low-income families.
—        Engaging in business activities for developing and expanding FIST.
To participate in humanitarian action not restricted by Law of Republic of Tajikistan.