Future projects

FIST and CSIT has been piloting several technologies that are nearing readiness to be further disseminated. These are awaiting further resources for staff members, material costs, advertising, demonstration equipment purchase and installation in visible locations. The technologies ready for further dissemination (pictured) include:
• Solar air heaters
• Local insulation materials
• Solar greenhouses
• Solar porches

The technologies that require further testing prior to beginning the dissemination phase include:

  • Solar/wind water pumping systems
  • Inter-seasonal solar thermal storage systems
  • Technologies developed by partners to be promoted and disseminated by two sister organization including:
    • Improved toilets
    • Improved stoves
    • Solar water heaters
    • Seismic resistant buildings

New technologies that meet the needs of community requests that would be piloted and tested include:

  • Solar cookers
  • Clay pot irrigation systems
  • Solar fruit dryers
  • Biosand water filters
  • Improved Nurias